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Solomon - this legendary biblical king.

He is always causes huge interest not only because of the legends about King Solomon's Mines. Even in the biblical story, Solomon appears indoubt person.

By assigning an as his successor Solomon, King David walked eldest son - Adoni. Hearing of this, Adonijah conspired against Solomon, but the plot was exposed. David was upset quarrel between his sons, and did not punish Adonijah, and made him vow that he would not harm Solomon. Solomon also made to swear that he will not cause any harm to his elder brother, if he will not claim the throne.

It seemed that Adonijah resigned himself to his fate. But one day he came to the mother of Solomon - Beersheba, and begged her to help him to marry Abishag the Shunammite - concubine of the late King David. Bathsheba did not see this request anything wrong and gave it to Solomon. However, Solomon, having heard of the intention brother was very angry. The fact is that, as usual, the deceased king's harem could go only to his direct heirs, and Solomon has regarded desire to marry Abishag Adonijah as a first step to further claims to the throne. By order of Solomon, Adonijah was killed.

Solomon was a good administrator, diplomat, builder and merchant. Solomon historical merit was that he turned a poor agricultural country with a patriarchal tribal systems into a unified, strong economically and militarily State enjoys great prestige in the international arena.