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What do you get?

We offer our clients the warehousing services for the goods. Solomon Company has extensive experience in the management of the supply chain, the integral part of which is warehouse logistics. Our company has modern warehouse complexes on the all territory of the Russian Federation. We offer our clients only the best storage conditions.

Warehousing and transportation of cargo include the following steps:

  • Preparation, processing of transported property before each stage from the loading terminal to the destination;
  • Delivery and shipment of the cargo in the territory of storage area;
  • Removal of the cargo from storage area.


We could offer our clients as with own warehouses for storage of the consignment of the cargo, as with leased warehouses. We provide our clients with warehouses which are guarded properly and which meet all required specifications and which are equipped according to the latest technology and serviced by qualified specialists.

Our company provides a broad range of related solutions regarding warehousing, which include:

  • Record-keeping;
  • Advice on drawing up the accompanying documentation;
  •  Services in registration of all types of cargo and etc.


The warehousing services of Solomon Company are the guarantor of careful storage of your cargo.