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What do you get?

Any company whose activities are associated with the provision of logistics and transportation services, has to provide the legal support of its transactions, which is a key aspect while conducting the foreign trade activities by the company.

Our specialists are always ready to help you by providing all services related to the customs clearance of the cargo.

Employees of the company will conclude a contract with you, on which both the scope and timing necessary to prepare the required papers will be specified in detail and regulated. The contract will also ensure the correct and full compliance with the current legislation of the documents executed that will be the best protect for you and transported cargo from various kinds of trouble at customs. If necessary, we will also provide assistance in obtaining a special permits, if it is required by the specifics of the transported cargo.

In addition, our company provides consultative services to familiarize the client with the features of each stage of customs clearance. You can order as a complete package of supporting documents as the preliminary preparation of relevant papers.

Taking into account all the routine in preparing all required customs documents, but at the same time and a lot of responsibility for this important step, the best solution would be to charge the specialists from Solomon Company to prepare a complete set of documents on a turnkey basis. This is a huge time savings. Just imagine how many rooms in various authorities you will need to visit and how much time and effort you will have to spend on it, the conclusion is forced upon you.

The experience of our professionals is the key to your success!