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What do you get?

Solomon Company assumes full responsibility for the safety of transported property, as well as performs all of the obligations during the all stages of the transportation. However, at the request of client, our company provides an opportunity for cargo insurance. Voluntary insurance of cargo is our guarantor and protection of your cargo against all possible and agreed risks, ranging from significant damage of the cargo to the loss and destruction of property transported.

Our company offers the following solutions for the insurance of transported goods:

  • Insurance of the transported property against the potential risks, which include: loss, various methods and extent of damage of the cargo, destruction and loss of property transported;
  • Insurance of partial loss or damage;
  • Insurance against total loss or destruction of cargo (including the cases of destruction of transported cargo together with transport).

In case if you choose the service for cargo insurance in Solomon Company, you could be sure that your cargo will be protected from any potential risks.