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In November 2013 the management of the company approved Employee code of Conduct. Code was prepared as the result of an increasing need for uniform guidelines.

 The Code, of course, is not an exhaustive document; it contains guidelines for the company and individual employees. The document covers the following topics: health and safety, human rights, including in respect of children and forced labor, business practice, employee relations, relations with the public, confidentiality of information and procedures in case of violation of this Code.

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees in all regions and countries where SOLOMON Company operates or will operate.

Employees of the companies around the world are offered the training and familiarization programs with the Code of Conduct.


Code of Conduct in effect  

  SOLOMON Company should comply with all applicable laws in the countries where it conducts its operations. We always strive to find the best ways for open communication with governments and international organizations on issues regarding contributing to the development of society and comply with our guidelines. We believe that openness is a big plus in our relationship with regulators, governments and international organizations.

Comply with Code   

 SOLOMON Company monitors the compliance with the Code of Conduct by existing reporting systems, in which all business division of SOLOMON Company report on the implementation of its activities in accordance with KPI (Key Performance Indicators - KPI's). These indicators include statistics on the supply of vehicles for loading, performance of time standards for transportation, the percentage of the closing of the applications received from the clients of the company, the level of the defects resulting while transportation and others.

General information

  Recently, SOLOMON Company plans to significantly expand the region of its presence and become a seriously international company operating in many countries on all continents. The process of globalization offers the great opportunities, but it also complicates the organization of SOLOMON Company. There were only 2 employees in the company in 2013.

 There were 25 employees, 10 of them were freelance in April 2014.

Most likely, the planned development will lead to the situation where the company will have to take into account the significant differences in such areas as culture, legislation, business traditions and ethical requirements.

   Traditionally, SOLOMON Company strives to meet the high standards of business ethics, conscientiously perform its civic duty and to be the best employer. In view of the rapid growth of the company, it was necessary to develop policies and procedures based on the company's core values (respect, responsibility and perfection). The Code of Conduct is a set of universal criteria that describes the expectations of SOLOMON Company regarding its business divisions and partners, regardless of their location and previous experience. It is an integral component of the company's business. Moreover, for such decentralized company as SOLOMON, it is essential that interested and involved persons, both inside and outside the organization, have a clear understanding on how to deal with SOLOMON Company.

 The Code of Conduct is required in order to meet the expectations that our clients, consumers, employees, business partners and society as a whole present to SOLOMON Company as to a reliable organization complying with ethical requirements.