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SOLOMON Company plans to launch a program aimed to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide!

This April, we started to design the environmental programs. It is expected, that the emissions of carbon dioxide will be greatly reduced while transportation of the cargo.

Furthermore, this measure will not affect the cost of transportation and logistics services of the company, as the tariffs will remain the same.

The specialists of the company have been working on the problem of reducing of the carbon dioxide emissions since the establishment of the company. During this time, the amount of waste arisen from the activities have been reduced, but more significant results will be achieved after  the implementation of new environmental project. The program provides a three-step mechanism: measuring the level of air pollution by carbon dioxide, reducing of the emissions while transportation carried out by SOLOMON, and as a consequence the reducing of emissions in atmosphere. As a result, the effect of CO2 on the ecological situation will decrease annually.

As was noted by the ecologist of the company, the idea was arisen due to the fact that the emissions of carbon dioxide should be reducers in the delivery services, which is a very carbon intensity, as the results the impact on the planet will be reduced.

Currently, carbon dioxide emissions are about 600,000 tonnes per year. Carbon credits, which will be obtained in the process of reducing this figure, could compensate for the damage caused to the nature by the business sphere through the emission of greenhouse gases.

The goal of SOLOMON is to minimize the emission factor of CO2, which is calculated as the ratio of all emissions to the amount of goods carried. The level of carbon monoxide emitted during the one delivery carried out by SOLOMON, is already much lower than in competitors, because the company prefers delivery by road rather than by air. However, environmental program should be expanded.

Within the few months, SOLOMON Company uses following know-haw among the measures aimed to preserve the environment from emissions of carbon dioxide:

- Training of the drivers to the principles of ecological driving;

- Use of two-level park trailers, having the large capacities in compared with one-level trailers;

- Use a new type of vans operating on compressed natural gas (CNG);

 It is planned to:

- Arrange express delivery on bikes

- Use the transport with zero emission of gases: on electro vans Vito E-CELL Mercedes Benz.

The program will cover the key regions on the territory of which SOLOMON carries out the transportation of cargo. In the future, we plan to expand the project and include all markets involved in the scope of operations of SOLOMON Company.

The Quality Director of SOLOMON Company, commenting the new environmental program of the Company, said: “The need for this initiative has ripened a long time ago, and it's really great that the project aimed to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide into the tmosphere, finally started. I hope that in the near future we will be able to join the European colleagues. In the meantime, we will continue to follow a strategy to improve environmental of transport operations through the active use of road transport, which is more environmentally friendly compared to air transport. In addition, we will continue to update regularly our vehicle fleet and closely monitor its technical condition, which will also helps to reduce CO2 emissions into the air. SOLOMON in Russia is a socially responsible company, and we understand how important to take care of the future of our planet these days”.


SOLOMON is a leading courier service arranging delivery of more than 100 tons of cargo each day; these are mainly food and decoration materials. SOLOMON covers almost all countries of the world. The clients could choose the transportation and logistics solution, both for their business and for themselves as well, using the extensive range of international and internal transport services of the company.