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about king Solomon

Mission, vision and core values of SOLOMON Company are important instruments in the company where all employees are united by common goals and aspirations.

  Vision To provide people with all necessary goods, that provides the better quality of the life


Develop, produce, market and sell the necessary products in the field of hygiene and forest industries that improve the quality of daily life of clients and consumers.

Satisfy the needs by way of understanding the needs of clients and consumers, knowledge of the local and regional market conditions and outstanding go-to-market approach combined with international experience, strong brands, efficient production and innovation.

core values

The core values of the Company are laid down in the history of the Company and the Group is established based on these values. They define our business practices and our behavior. Core values inspire and set ambitious goals to employees in their efforts to create a successful company in financially, social and environmental aspects.


Show respect means to be open and honest and act consistently. We need to analyze how our actions affect other people inside and outside the company, today and in the future while showing respect for others.

Respect promotes cooperation and helps in achieving of the common goals.


We are striving for the perfection and it leads us to new levels of professionalism.

We are striving for perfection and we have to exceed the expectations of clients, shareholders and colleagues, constantly striving to fulfill our obligations and improve our results.

how we work

1 You leave application 2 We plan to deliver 3 Take away your shipment 4 Execute all documents 5 You get the cargo